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At the urban station "Basel-Klingelbergstrasse" several standard varaible such as wind, air temperature and humidity, radiation and others are being measured. Thanks to the tower installation on the roof, profile measurements are available as well, allowing further insight into the weather. Some of these can also be used for pollution dispersion.

Instruments are mounted on a tower of 24 m height on the roof, netting a total height above the street canyon of 38m. Direct station surroundings are composed of 15 to 20m high buildings, currently a plain area behind the building and of course the street before the building. This station continues the traditional measurements at the Bernoullinaum, which is located just 100m to the south, some meters above street level. In addition, with the proper adaptation, the earlier time series of the station "Basel-Spalenring" (1994-2002, also urban surroundings) are prolonged.

Over the course of avril 2014 an exchange of several measurement devices was conducted to reduce maintenance on one hand and to use more modern devices on the other. The main exchange concerned the humidity and temperature profile measurement: Psychrometers were replaced by actively aspirated thermoelements and also by passive cooled humidity and temperature sensors (HMP).