Station Basel Klingelbergstrasse
During the last hour: 2024-04-22 15:40:00 CEST
Variable Currently Trend [h-1] Minimum Maximum Unit
Air temperature 5.3 +0.51 2.2 6.2 [°C]
Rhine temperature * 0.00 9.0 9.7 [°C]
Air humidity (relative) 66.0 -2.64 56.3 87.6 [%]
Precipitation 0.0 *** 3.7 ** 0.0 [mm/h]
Solar irradiance 99.9 -0.33 0.0 672.3 [W m-2]
Radiation balance 67.5 -3.95 -88.6 579.7 [W m-2]
Wind 3.4 -0.63 2.8 ** 11.5 [m s-1]
Wind direction N ⇓ *** *** *** [°]
Air pressure 985.1 -0.16 984.4 988.4 [hPa]
* Currently no measurements available
** Reported here is the 24-h sum for precipitation in [mm], respectively the 24-h mean for the wind direction
*** These measurements are not sensible information and thus are omitted
Today in the greater area
Station Time Measurement values
Temperature Air humidity Precipitation Wind Wind direction
[°C] [%] [mm/h] [m s-1] [°]
Basel Klingelbergstr. Aktuell (s. oben) 5.3 68.4 0.0 3.4 N ⇓
Basel Leonhard 4.9 73.9 0.0 3.8 NW ⇘
Basel Lange Erlen 5.8 68.2 0.0 * *
Basel Klingelbergstr 12:00 CEST 4.5 76.2 0.5 4.3 N ⇓
Basel Leonhard 4.2 79.5 0.4 6.2 NW ⇘
Basel Lange Erlen 4.9 80.9 0.5 3.4 N ⇓

Temperature of the last 24 hours in the urban station Basel-Klingelbergstrasse and the rural station Basel-Lange Erlen. Click to open in new tab to allow zoom.

The weather during the last seven days in the area of Basel
Station Measurement values
Temperature Precipitation Hours of sunshine Wind Gusts
Mean Minimum Maximum
[°C] [mm] [h] [m s-1] [m s-1]
Basel Klingelbergstr 7.2 2.2 19.4 21.4 57 3.6 16.8
Basel Leonhard 6.8 2.1 18.9 21.2 54 3.3 17.0
Basel Lange Erlen 6.9 1.6 19.6 28.5 54 2.6 15.5
The weather during March 2024 in the surroundings of Basel
Station Measurement values
Mean temp. Precipitation Hours of sunshine
[°] [mm] [h]
Basel Klingelbergstr. 9.7 66.7 226
Basel Leonhard 9.2 66.8 218
Basel Lange Erlen 9.0 60.3 224
Mean climate: Basel Lange Erlen 7.0 39.2 222

Diurnal versus annual temperature difference from Basel Klingelbergstrasse (urban surroundings) to Basel Lange Erlen (rural surroundings). Click to save, drag to new/other tab to enable zooming capabilities.

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Dolueg2 is the successor to dolueg and mainly meets our own needs at the MCR Lab, i.e. the control of our different stations and of the associated data flow. In addition, the graphs allow us to achieve a quick quality control


Dolueg2 is structured on the main level by (more or less) geographical distinct campaigns. Under each campaign you will find the single stations associated with the campaign and the time series we have selected. If you click on the campaign in the top menu, you will get a selection of overview graphics, often including maps of the stations under information. For this overview and the single stations the figures may be shown for a specific station of for specific variable (e.g. temperature and humidity). For each station a map showing the wind field and location is included again under information. Such wind fields and corresponding maps are separated into wind during night and day as indicated by the colors. Further, the newest wind vector at the time of creation is indicated with an orange arrow. If no wind is measured, just the location may be indicated


Contrary to the previous version, figures are created as SVGs (scalable vector graphics). As the name indicates, these are vectors graphs instead of typical raster images and are thus scalable. To keep the layout somewhat consistent, for the zoom/scale functionality you will have to drag the figures to a new/other browser tab. If you are interest in a specific figure, simply right-click on it and a "Save as ..." dialog should open. If you need another format than SVG (looking at you Microsoft users), you may convert them with other programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Special campaigns

Within "Tower-Cam" you can additionally find a timelapse video of our tower-mounted camera on the roof of the Klingelbergstrasse 27. The menu entry "Control" is to allow another quick internal view of the data flow and whether errors may have occurred.

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